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Smart Thermostats: Your HVAC Personal Assistant

A smart thermostat is not just another name for a programmable or wi-fi thermostat, although it is programmable and does connect to the wi-fi. No, a smart thermostat goes above and beyond, like a personal assistant dedicated to your home’s comfort levels and HVAC-related energy savings.

Is a smart thermostat the right solution for you? Probably. But let’s make sure. Here’s what a smart thermostat can do for you:

1. Help you track and lower energy use.

The smart thermostat makes it easier than ever for your HVAC to run only when necessary. There’s no point in heating your home to your preferred temperature when you’re away—and the reverse, cooling, is true for summertime as well. Better energy efficiency, better savings, what’s not to love? It doesn’t end there. Smart thermostats offer ways to track energy use changes, even over the long term, which can help you further identify ways to optimize your usage.

2. They will adapt to your routine.

Most smart thermostats will come with at least one motion detector or sensor, which are installed throughout the home. These detect when the house is occupied which helps the thermostat adjust the temperature accordingly. If you leave the house for an extended period of time outside your usual routine, the detectors will be able to notice your absence and lower the temperature, even if you forgot to change the program! And because the smart thermostat learns from patterns, this data will help optimize the schedule to whatever best suits your family’s heating and cooling needs.

3. You can control and monitor—from anywhere.

All smart thermostats brands have applications you can download on your smart device, making it easy for you to check on your home’s temperature, your smart thermostat’s progress, or even override the program. The accessibility can help give you peace of mind if you’re new to using a smart thermostat or if you’re away on vacation. Additionally, adjusting the schedule to your exact needs whenever necessary helps the thermostat learn, which improves its ability to self-manage. Smart Thermostats such as the ecobee SmartThermostat and Lennox iComfort S30 are compatible with smart home systems such as Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Assistant, so you can even use voice control to make some changes.

4. Headache-free installation.

Now, even if you think a smart thermostat is exactly what you need, you might still wonder whether the installation process is too complicated to be worth it—and we certainly think so. That’s why AtlasCare offers to help you select the smart thermostat that best suits your needs, and it’s also the reason why our installation services include a training session on how to set up the application and how to work the thermostat.

While we will happily install other customer-provided devices (such as Nest), AtlasCare carries the Lennox iComfort S30 smart thermostat and a wide range of ecobee smart thermostats. AtlasCare provides a guarantee on all the units we provide to clients. Going through us means we can ensure the smart thermostat was not faulty before installation, so you can rest easy knowing if there’s a problem with it, we’ll take care of it.

There will be no hassle on your part, no messing around with sensors, no stumbling through a user’s manual trying to figure out how to connect the thermostat onto your smart device… No, when we come to install your new smart thermostat, we’ll take care of all that with AtlasCare’s classic red-carpet service. And when we leave, the smart thermostat will take it from there.

We’re only a phone call away. Get in touch with AtlasCare by calling (647) 692-2978 or booking your service online today.

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