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Heat pump

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

Like all heating and cooling systems, regular heat pump maintenance is absolutely essential to ensuring your appliance remains in optimal condition year round. Not only does routine maintenance keep your energy consumption low, it also helps prevent minor issues from going unnoticed and turning into major repairs later on.

So, what exactly are you supposed to go in terms of heat pump system maintenance? Join the team from AtlasCare as we outline our tried and true heat pump maintenance checklist that will keep your system working properly for as long as possible.

What maintenance is required for a heat pump?

A heat pump maintenance checklist can look different depending on the type of unit you have. However, here is a general look at the type of tasks that an HVAC technician will do when you schedule a preventative maintenance appointment:

  • Inspect belts, blower motor, indoor coil, and other mechanical components for wear and tear.
  • Lubricate motors, belts, and other mechanical components that move to ensure no friction occurs as the heat pump operates.
  • Change the air filters to ensure proper air flow.
  • Check thermostat settings to ensure the heat pump operates in the heating and cooling mode.
  • Look over electrical connections to guarantee safety and functionality.
  • Cleaning of the outdoor compartment to remove dust, dirt, and other debris that could hinder the operation of the system.
  • Clean outdoor coils.
  • Clean out the condensate drain line to remove any debris that could cause a blockage later on.
  • Inspection of refrigerant levels, providing a top up when necessary.
  • Check the heat pump for refrigerant leaks and provide repairs if needed.
  • Final system test to prevent increasing energy costs.
  • And more.

To keep your energy consumption low and your utility costs affordable, these tasks should only every be performed by a professional heating and cooling technician.

How often do heat pumps need to be cleaned?

Homeowners should clean their heat pumps every couple of months, especially the outdoor unit and outdoor coils to ensure there is proper air flow from the compartment.

When should I schedule a heat pump maintenance?

As we mentioned, heat pump maintenance is incredibly important, which is why homeowners need to do the following for their heat pumps:

Yearly heat pump maintenance

As heat pumps operate throughout the year, homeowners should aim to have their system serviced by a professional technician once or twice a year to maintain optimal performance. We suggest booking your appointment during the early fall, before the winter months begin. That way you can repair and underlying issues and tune up important components within the system prior to the cold weather arriving.

On the other hand, homeowners should also consider performing routine maintenance on their unit in the springtime. Again, you'll want to do this before the summer begins and the temperatures outdoors get warmer. This will ensure that your heat pump system is ready to provide optimal cooling for you and your family during the summer.

Air filter changes

As your heat pump operates, it will become prone to collecting dust, hair, dirt, pet dander, and other debris that can clog the filter and reduce air flow.

When this happens, it can put more wear and tear on your system, resulting in premature damages and increased energy costs. To maintain optimal air flow from your heat pump, homeowners should change the air filter once every 1 to 3 months.

Cleaning of outdoor unit

Your outdoor unit is exposed to weather elements throughout the year. And if not cleaned regularly, plants, branches, leaves, dirt, and other debris can damage the compartment and restrict airflow. We suggest keeping an eye out each month and clearing away any debris when needed.

Consider sweeping around the outdoor unit and keeping a safe distance around the unit by removing plants and other items that could get in the way.

Manufacturer's guidelines

It's also essential that you follow your manufacturer's instructions. Your heat pump model may have a specific checklist that needs to be followed. As such, when you have a new heat pump installed in your home, read the instructions and become acquainted with what needs to be done in order to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

When should I change my heat pump filter?

We recommend changing your air filters once every 1 to 3 months. Changing the air filters regularly will help you maintain a healthy indoor air quality and ensure there is proper air flow from your heat pump.

How can I prevent poor heat pump performance?

To prevent poor performance, regular heat pump maintenance and prompt repairs are essential. As soon as you notice there is anything wrong with your system, reach out to a professional HVAC technician to conduct a thorough inspection that will check thermostat settings, refrigerant levels, ensure there is proper drainage, loose connections, and other parts that may be affecting the system, before performing customized repair work that will have your heat pump operating as it should.

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So, when's the last time you had your home's heat pump professionally serviced? If it's been well over a year, or you can't exactly remember when you last preventative maintenance appointment was, the team from AtlasCare is here to help get your HVAC system back up and work properly in no time!

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