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HVAC techs with covid masks

How AtlasCare is Keeping You Safe: COVID-19 Measures

As an essential services provider, AtlasCare is sensitive to any concerns you may have during these uncertain times. We take our responsibility to help others seriously, not only in providing essential emergency HVAC services, but also in ensuring our safety measures go beyond what is needed to protect our customers, employees, and anyone we may encounter in the community.

AtlasCare has been there when you need us for the past 88 years, but we know that right now if you give us a call, it’s because you’re experiencing an emergency. It’s because you need us, now, more than ever. From the government to any homeowner, nobody wants anyone inside their home unless it’s for a critical reason. If you have water leaks, if your heater stops working, or if any other unforeseen HVAC-related emergencies happen, AtlasCare will be there for you with our 2-hour emergency services and strict safety protocol.

All AtlasCare employees are screened for cold or flu symptoms every day to ensure nobody who may be sick or have come into contact with someone who is sick comes to work. Before performing service calls, AtlasCare requires all customers to confirm their household is symptom-free and has not come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

All of our technicians are equipped with full Personal Protective Equipment including masks, gloves, and boot coverings. Service trucks, tools, anything we touch in your home are sanitized using our own soap and disinfectants. Everything we come in contact with will be thoroughly wiped down. In addition, we maintain strict physical distancing and provide contactless service as well as payment.

Nothing about what we’re experiencing is normal. Whether at work, at home, or out in the community, we all have a responsibility to do our part to protect each other. At AtlasCare, we are committed to providing you with emergency services of the highest safety and quality. AtlasCare is here for you.

We’re only a phone call away. Get in touch with AtlasCare by calling (647) 692-2978 or booking your service online today.

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