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Wood Burning Fireplace

Winter is on the way. By now, you have already cleaned up the yard, prepared the outside of your home, and made arrangements to swap out your all-seasons for snow tires. However, have you thought about what you still need to do inside your home this time of year?

Here are seven ways to get the house ready for winter.

  1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

In the summer, your ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to maximize cooling. During the winter, the opposite setting will push warm air down from the ceiling, which helps to increase comfort and results in less energy expenditure.

  1. Check for Drafts

Closely inspect windows and doors for areas where heat can escape, and seal them up with caulk or weather stripping. Look closely for areas along baseboards or in corners that could use repairs. This will also help to keep out any critters looking to take advantage of the warmth your home offers.

  1. Check Your Fireplace Vent and Chimney

A roaring fire is a wonderful addition to the holiday season and a great source of warmth. However, make sure to have the chimney and vent double-checked beforehand by a qualified technician in order to prevent fires and carbon monoxide dispersal into your home.

  1. Stock Up on Essentials

We often get at least one big storm every year where the power goes out. Depending on the conditions, it can take hours (and sometimes days) before electricity comes back on, so make sure that you have everything you would require during such an emergency: water, non-perishable food, batteries, candles, flashlights, firewood, etc. Try to make sure that your cellphone battery remains as close to fully charged as possible.

  1. Check for Exposed Piping

If pipes freeze, they can burst, leading to flooding. Wrap any exposed piping in foam rubber or fiberglass insulation sleeves.

  1. Make Sure Your Home Insurance is Up to Date

Life can get very busy and it’s easy to forget that your home insurance policy may expire during the winter months. If you can’t find the documents, give your insurance agent a call to double check. Update your policy, if necessary, to ensure that you have adequate protection from flood, fire, and other potential issues common to your area.

  1. Call for a Furnace Inspection

A furnace is the heart of your home comfort system this time of year and there is nothing worse than having a breakdown during the height of winter. It is easy to do basic tasks yourself, like replacing or cleaning a furnace filter, but yearly inspections by an experienced technician are important to prevent issues that could result in an expensive bill. If the heat is off for too long, you could also end up with frozen pipes that burst and result in extensive, costly damage.

Call us today to learn more about our Precision Furnace Tune-up and Safety Check, as well as our Protection Plans, which include an inspection visit from an AtlasCare Home Comfort Specialist.

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