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About Atlascare Social Responsability

When he opened the doors to Atlas Service Co. on Toronto’s Yorkville Avenue in 1932, Harry L. Bach had a modest vision: to provide an honest, reliable service for customers he cared about, while doing his best to care for the community around him.

Today, we still do our best at AtlasCare to give back those in our community who could use a helping hand.

Harry’s Story

Harry went into business at the dawn of the Great Depression. No-one knew how long it would last. To survive, Harry knew people would need to come together and help one another.

This was back in a time when “corporate social responsibility” was not a marketing term, and “giving back” was not a way for businesses to define their brands. Harry and his wife Grace helped others simply because that’s who they were and what they believed was right.

Along the way, Harry and Grace created a strong and trusted company, which would grow to become one of central Ontario’s largest and most respected independent indoor home comfort specialists. I was honoured to eventually purchase Atlas in 1986.

Our Commitment to Care

Much has changed in our industry in the past 85 years. Harry would probably be perplexed by the sophisticated computer systems and technologies that go into a modern furnace, boiler or air conditioner. However, he would certainly recognize those core values of honest service and care for the community.

Those values remain so embedded into our DNA that when we updated the company’s brand in 2008, it was only natural that we evolve our name just slightly – from Atlas to AtlasCare

It was such a small yet critically important change. I hear from our customers nearly every day that our team lives by that promise to provide care.

It makes me proud, and I know it would make Harry proud.

AtlasCare Gives Back

This month, we are especially proud to bring back the Care to Share program. In honour of Harry’s legacy over 85 years, we’re giving away $8,500 to charities in our community.

Care to Share is a way for our customers, employees and neighbours to tell us about the great work of charities that mean something to them. By taking no more than one minute to complete our nomination form, you could help a cause close to your heart receive a donation of $1,000, $2,500 or even $5,000.

Take a moment to nominate a charity you care about. Our nomination period is only open until November 30th, so please don’t put this off. We’d love to see their name drawn for one of our donations.

It’s one small way for us to honour Harry’s fine legacy.

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