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The Dog Days of Summer

As we move into the dog days of summer, we see a lot of thunderstorms with this oppressive heat and humidity. These storms can deliver a significant amount of rain 5-10 cm (2-4in) in a very short period of time. Many storm sewers can’t deal with this kind of sudden deluge and like all systems when put under stress, sewers and drains can back up and fail. Over years sewage pipes can sag, crack, get infiltrated with tree roots and become blocked with waste. When they back up, it can lead to not only an urgent repair but also the need to clean up a very messy basement.

Many of our customers who have older homes or live in flood prone neighbourhoods (mine is one of them), have one of our drain technicians come out to do a camera inspection of their drain system as a preventive measure. We can also test the sump pump and check for a backwater valve. This is a complementary service we offer to all of our customers who have a service membership. Many municipalities have generous rebate programs for drain system improvements. Call (647) 692-2978 today to schedule your complementary drain inspection.

How can I protect my HVAC equipment from Electrical Surges?

The second outcome of thunderstorms comes as the result of a loss of power and/or a power surge. All HVAC equipment like most other devices in our lives has electronic components and controls that can fail with a sudden surge in power. The best protection is a surge protector. This is an affordable way to manage a big risk. We carry these devices on all of our service trucks and typically install them during a maintenance visit. Talk to your maintenance technician and find out how you can protect yourself from damaging power surges.

Feel the Love

Every year Lennox works with local dealers to provide free furnaces to families in need. In 2020, AtlasCare is delighted to partner with Lennox in this program in the GTA. People across the country recognize deserving individuals in their hometowns by nominating them to receive new heating systems. Each nomination recognizes an unsung hero who may be going through hardship, helping others in need or simply supporting their community. And this year, given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the program focus is expanding to bring hope and support to medical professionals, essential workers and those on the frontlines. For tips on deciding who to nominate, see our guidelines. Help us help someone in need and nominate someone by August 31. Thank you.

Roger Grochmal, P.Eng.


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