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3 Smart Reasons To Replace Air Conditioner In The Winter

Replacing an air conditioner during the summer months is common. Sometimes, unforeseen problems arise and there’s no way around it. However, if you anticipate that your air conditioning system is in need of replacement, winter is the best time to do it!

We’ll discuss why below.

1. It’s the Low Season

HVAC companies are usually swamped in the summertime. Replacing your air conditioner in the winter means that your HVAC professional’s schedule is more flexible.

You should be able to pick and choose a time that works for you more easily, and there should be no delay in ordering the appliance promptly.

Plus, who wants to replace an air conditioner in the heat of summer? Replacing it in the dead of winter means that you’ll avoid any unwanted discomfort when temperatures – and demand – soar.

2. You Can Take Your Time

Replacing your air conditioning unit in the winter means that you’ll have more time to consider your options. You won’t have an immediate need to cool your home and you can tackle the process at a more gradual pace.

Take advantage of this time to do some research about the different types of air conditioning systems and which is best for your home and comfort needs, carefully consider contractors, and request estimates.

3. You'll Save Money and Energy

Air conditioners aren’t in-demand over the course of the winter compared the peak of summer. This can result in significant savings for many reasons, including:

  • When HVAC companies make room for next season’s models, many will start offering great deals beginning in the fall all through the winter - the perfect opportunity to upgrade to an energy efficient air conditioner or to improve the comfort in your home.
  • Spending time doing the research means you’ll choose the unit that’s right for you and won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.
  • You’ll be ready for the heat long before you even have to worry about it.

An air conditioning system is an expensive investment. Ask about our financing options for air conditioner installation when you contact us with your inquiry.

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