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CEO Roger Grochmal

Summer Has Fully Arrived – June 11th Update

This is the third week in a row where we will be experiencing 30°+C temperatures. The result is that with

the volume of air conditioner repairs that we have had to perform, we have had to re-schedule many prebooked annual AC maintenance visits and we will be in the same situation this week. We truly appreciate the patience and consideration in making room for those who have no cooling and need us to respond.

Despite our best efforts, COVID continues to challenge our ability to get things done in as timely a manner as we would all like. There are a number of issues we have to deal with.

  • Everything just takes longer
    • Our customers have to wait for us, AtlasCare has to wait on our local distributors and they in turn have to wait on their plants in the United States.
    • Extra time is required on every call to implement all of the hygiene practices we need to do to keep everyone safe.
    • We still have a few staff members off dealing with issues of personal health vulnerabilities and caregiving responsibilities related to the pandemic. We have brought on 8 new technicians and are looking for more. As they get up to speed, our response times will improve.
  • Scarcity is starting to develop
    • Yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I had a list of some 2 dozen items to pick up. The supermarket was out of stock on 6 of them. Similarly, we are now seeing supply issues with some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for both new equipment and warranty repair parts.
    • COVID outbreaks in several manufacturing and distribution plants in both Mexico and the United States has disrupted supply chains. Depending on the issue, there is only so much we can do with a temporary repair. There are instances where repair parts are being estimated to take weeks instead of days to get here.
    • At AtlasCare, we have a good inventory of parts and replacement equipment for our key suppliers in our warehouse. We evaluate our inventory daily and reorder as needed.

The staff at AtlasCare are working flat out every single day. We are proud of the dedication and hard work they are demonstrating to look after each and every customer issue. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide us with an online review. Feedback is important and is very much appreciated.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

Roger Grochmal, P.Eng.


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