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Chart Showing Highest Risk of COVID

So far, we have endured most of the COVID journey outdoors thanks to the best summer in living memory. It truly has been glorious and allowed us to physically distance in the great outdoors. As summer winds down and the reality of spending more time indoors sets in, 2 thoughts/questions occur to me.

Firstly, will we experience a second wave of coronavirus infections due to the 3 C’s? This is defined as Closed spaces that are Crowded places with Close contact especially for an extended period of time. Will we be as comfortable in our homes or having people in our homes as we want/need to be? Will we be ready for winter? I had my furnace serviced and safety checked last week. I also had my ERV filter cleaned, my steam humidifier cleaned and made ready, and my UV bulb in my air purifier changed as well as surge protectors installed. Lastly, I had my drain inspected as I live in a flood prone area. I want to be as comfortable as I can be with the least amount of disruption. There are going to be a lot of issues and uncertainties to deal with and our homes shouldn’t be one of them. Our proactive customers are getting their homes in shape now.

The second issue we are facing is the effect on business. The home service/renovation/building sector has been very busy during COVID. There is high demand at a time when there are substantial issues all up and down the supply chain. Just ask anyone trying to get lumber or a hot tub. The HVAC industry experienced shortages of air conditioners this summer and from what we are hearing, there will be a shortage of furnaces this fall and winter. We are seeing it already. The bottom line is that if your furnace is nearing the end of its useful life, and you are not confident that it will last the winter, then you might want to change it out now. Take advantage of our BOGO sale and upgrade your air conditioner at the same time. Please visit our website at for program details.

It’s never too early to be ready. Stay safe everyone and be ready for the fall.

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