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Snowy trees

Canadians across the country are eager for the cold temperatures and the consistent snowy weather of winter 2019 to come to an end. This winter has brought record snowfalls, freezing cold temperatures, damaging winds, and whiteout blizzard conditions to all parts of Ontario.


polar vortex brought weeks of extreme cold temperatures to the region in January, with Toronto experiencing its coldest January 5th in the city’s history with a temperature of -23c. Then on January 29, the city of Toronto got levelled with an overnight snowstorm. So much so that it shattered the previous single-day snowfall record from 1968.

If you keep active in winter by skiing, skating outdoors, snowshoeing or snowmobiling, this is that ‘old-fashioned Canadian winter” you’ve been dreaming for with record-breaking snow accumulation. Total monthly snowfall accumulation for January has almost doubled over a year ago in many areas of the province. Ottawa recorded 101.8 cm this January, compared to 63.8 cm a year ago.

But if you’ve been hibernating most of the winter, avoiding the extreme cold temperatures and wind chill into the minus 30 temperatures, you will be counting the days until you can bid this winter a fond farewell. And what about the snowbirds making their annual trek down south to Florida? Florida and other destinations in the southern U.S. have also experienced below average temperatures during the first few months of 2019.

Groundhog Day

According to legend, the fate of predicting the coming of spring rests on the shoulders of some furry groundhogs annually on February 2— a day we have come to know as Groundhog Day. Most of the groundhogs in North America were in agreement that day this year, not seeing their shadows thus predicting an early spring. While this prediction may warm the heart, you’re probably better off not taking this too seriously.

Farmer’s Almanac

In reality, we will need to brace ourselves for a longer winter than normal this year. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts continuing snow and cold temperatures for the remainder of February and into the first week of March. Early March brings rain showers that convert to snow showers in parts of the province. Cold temperatures linger until the end of the month. Winter is expected to hang on through April and even into early May.

Staying Warm

A long heating season can put an extra strain on your home heating systems and your finances too.

You’ll want to ensure that your heating system stays the course. It’s a good idea to keep your furnace running optimally with scheduled regular maintenance visits to fix potential problems before they escalate into an emergency furnace breakdown. This is usually the time of year you may start to hear some unusual noises from the furnace that you haven’t heard before. Don’t ignore these new noises as they are telling you something. Not only will a broken furnace put the safety of your family at risk, your home’s water pipes can freeze costing thousands of dollars in repairs.

Many Canadians turn to gas fireplaces as their source of heat. A gas fireplace offers the convenience of instant warmth and comfort by the click of a button. A fireplace tune-up can prevent problems, and ensure your fireplace is operating at peak efficiency to keep you and everyone in your home warm during the extended heating season of Winter 2019.

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