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5 Ways To Keep Children Cool When The AC Breaks

Another school year is said and done. For many of us, that means the kids and grandkids will soon be spending a lot more time at home, taking over our refrigerators and living room TVs for a few months. Hopefully, your AC has had its yearly a check-up in preparation for what’s forecasted to be a very hot summer — otherwise, you could find yourself scrambling to keep your kids cool when the air conditioner dies. 

If your air conditioner calls it quits, these tips can help you keep everyone safe and comfortable while you’re waiting for emergency air conditioner repair

Stay Hydrated 

Just as your air conditioner uses more ‘juice’ in warmer temperatures, kids need to drink more water to fuel their body’s effort to keep cool when the air conditioner dies. Children aren’t as in-tune with their hydration as adults, so it’s up to you to make sure they’re drinking plenty of fluids (and not diuretics like caffeinated pop and sugary juice). Cold drinks also help to cool your internal temperature. 

Try offering frozen watermelon slices or ice pops as a fun alternative to plain water. 

Sleep Downstairs 

One of the major downsides to life without air conditioning? Trying to fall asleep in a hot, sweaty room. The higher the temperature, the harder it is to get a good night’s rest, leading to some seriously crabby kids the next morning. 

However, if you’re lucky enough to live in a multi-story house, there’s an escape: the basement. Heat rises, so the basement will likely be more comfortable sleeping quarters than your family’s second-floor bedrooms. Why not let the kids sleep in the basement for a night while the AC is out? You could even grab your flashlights and sleeping bags, put on a movie, and turn it into a summer sleepover. 

Create a Cool Breeze 

Fans don’t actually make the air colder, but you can set them up to create a refreshing indoor breeze. Try wetting a sheet or a towel in cold water (wring it out, so it doesn’t drip), then drape it in front of a fan so the air passes through it. This trick can help make your kids’ rooms feel much more comfortable when there’s no air conditioning. 


It’s hard to keep the kids cool with your electronic appliances working against you. Any home devices and appliances that have a standby or “sleep mode” consume phantom power — meaning they generate heat even when not in use. Some of the biggest culprits are your PVR, computer and computer speakers, satellite or cable box, stereo system, and video game consoles. 

It helps to unplug any devices that run on standby mode when you’re trying to keep cool without air conditioning. Your kids might protest at first, but you can seize the opportunity to spend some much-needed screen-free time together. After all, it’s only until the AC is fixed! 

Banish the Sun 

A lot of summer heat gets into your home via the windows. If the sun’s bearing down, make sure to cover any south or west-facing windows with curtains or blinds (car shades from the dollar store can also work on small windows in a pinch).  

Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair? 

Our service team is on-call 24 hours a day for emergency air conditioner repair in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us to get your AC back in working order as soon as possible. 

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