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Make Your Home Warmer Without Touching The Thermostat

We all know about the thermostat war – dad refuses to let anyone touch the thermostat. Children want the heat higher, so they can wear shorts inside during winter. No one wins. Although there may have to be compromise – probably on the shorts, we can help with a few ways to make your house feel warmer without touching that thermostat dial.

1. Warm, Fluffy Rugs

This seems like a well-known tip, but it makes a big difference when it comes to personal warmth.

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, the one downfall is it isn’t exactly cozy. As we lose heat from our feet and our heads, it makes sense to have a warm foundation. To avoid losing body heat, throw a large, furry area run in your living spaces and reap the warmth.

2. Reverse Ceiling Fan Direction

A great tool to help heat up your home in the winter is right above your head – the ceiling fan.

Most people only use ceiling fans for the summer but if you change the direction of the blades, it’s now useful for the winter.

During the summer, your blades rotate counter-clockwise, pushing the air downward and cool air into the room. According to Lumens, if you change the fan direction to clockwise, the updraft will push any warm air lingering around the ceiling down into the room. The trick is to set the fan at a low speed to make this work effectively.

This is a simple change that will make your space feel warmer and, quite possibly, be worthy of turning your thermostat down a degree.

3. Furnace Maintenance

If you’re a home owner, this question has probably crossed your mind: do I need to service my furnace every year? If you would like your furnace to run more efficiently, the answer is yes.

Annual furnace maintenance can identify any issues before it’s too late. That way your furnace can be prepared for winter with the comfort of knowing you won’t lose heat this winter. On top of that, a regularly maintained furnace can help with lower utility bills by 5-40%.

4. Heavy Curtains

To avoid cold temperatures transferring through the glass, cover up your blinds with some thick drapes. Doing so will help insulate the room and minimize the exchange of cold air to keep your room feeling cozy.

Another bonus with heavy drapes is you won’t have to move your furniture away from the windows. This way the cold window issue is solved without moving around your established living space.

5. Roof Insulation

Did you know that your heating bill goes through the roof – literally.

You can lose up to 25% of heat through your roof. The time invested into installing insulation in your attic/loft may shave a lot of money off your heating bill without even touching the thermostat.

Loft insulation can be effective for up to 40 years, so the investment is worth it. If you are doing this, have a look at what your space below the loft is and find the best suited insulating option to determine whether you can do it yourself. If you are tackling this, make sure you insulate any gable walls, party walls, or chimneys or your effort will be wasted.

6. Weather Proofing Windows and Doors

This is an easy fix you can do yourself that can squash those drafts you may be feeling.

For less cool air from your windows, plastic film insulation is an excellent, nearly invisible option – especially if you’d rather not change your curtains. Feeling some cool air through your door? Replacing the door sweep at the bottom can be a quick, effective fix. Want a solution for both windows and doors? Weatherstrip foam tape is an easy option – all you need is scissors.

Enjoy That Utility Bill

Now that you have a few tips to help you keep the thermostat nice and low, you can reap the rewards. After stocking up on rugs, looking into types of fluff insulation, or furnace maintenance companies, your home should be all set!

If you’re due for furnace maintenance, contact AtlasCare to get you prepped sooner and give you peace of mind for the cold months ahead.

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