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Main drain clearing, drain backup service & 24 hour rooter services

Drains are complicated, but working with AtlasCare is easy.

While we always tell people to slow down and enjoy the little things, watching a clogged drain is a waste of your time. But don’t worry, it’s not a waste of ours.

Your sewer and main drain lines are not only out of sight but are often out of mind. Most people don’t give them any thought until it’s too late and sewage or dirty water is flooding your basement. When your toilet or tub water drains slower than normal, that can be an early sign of a clog! Our AtlasCare drain experts will run a camera through your main drain line to diagnose the root cause of any blockages and provide you with solutions to clear them.

Whether it’s a basement drain that is gurgling and bubbling or a drain that only gives you headaches, our main drain cleaning solutions will leave you problem and headache-free. Sound good? Then let us get started!

Drains running clearly now, the clogs are gone... with AtlasCare.

We go above and beyond by, finding out what’s causing problems below the surface. Fill out the form, give us a call, and see just how talented our team of experts is.

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