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6 Ways To Do Spring Cleaning When There’s Still Snow

After a long and cold winter, spring has finally sprung – or, so we hope! With sun and warmer weather around the corner, the last thing you’ll want to do on a nice spring day is spend it indoors cleaning. That’s why now is the perfect time to get an early start on your spring cleaning. As you build a list of chores to conquer throughout your home, it’s important not to forget about your home comfort products. During the winter months, snow, ice and colder temperatures can have a serious effect on your HVAC system. When it’s cold, your furnace works extra hard to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. Oppositely, chances are your air conditioning unit has been sitting unused throughout the course of winter. It’s important to check-in and have these units serviced prior to the warmer weather to ensure that you’re not without A/C on a hot summer day!

Change Your Furnace Filter

During the winter months, no appliance in your home works harder than your furnace. Most people typically get their furnace filter changed before winter to help trap dirt, dust and harmful pollutants. This is just as important of a task come spring. Switching your air filers is perhaps the most impactful HVAC furnace maintenance task you can undertake. Not only does it help with air quality – protecting your family, but it can also reduce energy usage by as much as 15%. There are many benefits to scheduling regular preventative maintenance of your furnace, including prolonging the lifecycle of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Air Duct Cleaning

After a long and tough winter, chances are your ducts are not in prime condition. Your homes air ducts have one job to do; but it’s very important – circulate warm and cold air throughout your space. During the winter months, your ducts can accumulate mold and mildew spores, cobwebs and grime; all of which are harmful to your family. Before spring hits, achieve cleaner air in your home with duct cleaning and air quality services.

Clean Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Although at a much slower rate, weeds and grass still grow during the winter months. With the weather improving and spring showers looming, these growths will continue to grow at a much faster pace. Any unwanted plant growth encroaching on your air conditioner can restrict air flow, risking the effectiveness of your unit. Take time this spring to clear weeds, grass and growth away from your air conditioner – keeping growth at least 2’ away from your AC unit. It’s recommended that you cover your outdoor AC unit with a tarp or cover during the winter months – either way your condenser could still use a spring clean. As the snow melts, it’s easy to see that winter leaves a considerable mess of dirt and grime. Take a peek in your unit to clear it of all debris including, leaves, twigs, stones and dirt!

Replace Batteries in your Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector

Throughout the year, it’s important to test the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors – this can help avoid irreversible damage to your home or family. Spring is the perfect time to replace the batteries in your home detectors. In fact, dust that’s caught within your smoke or CO detectors can prevent them from working properly. A properly working smoke detector can increase odds of survival during a home fire by 60%. As well, having a properly working CO detector can protect your family from potentially fatal situations – as carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

Declutter Your Home

The most popular spring-cleaning chore is decluttering some of the mess that’s accumulated over the winter. Not only does removing clutter free up extra space, but it helps with your HVAC maintenance too. The more clutter in your home, the more dust and allergens can accumulate on – especially items not used on a regular basis. Although sitting dust won’t circulate through your home, the moment it is disturbed, it moves through your home and worsens your indoor air quality.

Don’t Wait, Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

As the weather warms, sudden breakdowns are not only inconvenient but can mean higher repair costs. To guard against unexpected costs, it’s important to get your air conditioning unit serviced regularly.

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