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Woman laying down on fall leaves.

8 Things to Do In Ontario This Fall

Sometimes, it feels like fall comes and goes in the blink of an eye. By the time you’ve settled into the back-to-school routine, Thanksgiving is already here, with Halloween just ahead and holiday shopping on the horizon. But there’s still time to do your fall maintenance tasks, prepare your home for winter, and enjoy the gifts this season has to offer.

Don’t forget to add these to your fall to-do list.

1. Clean Up the Yard

A little effort now will save you lots of work come springtime. Layer up and head outside to take care of fall yard maintenance before it gets chilly and damp.

  • Clear out fallen leaves and sticks from the rain gutters so water can drain from your roof properly come winter. This step can save you from an expensive roof repair bill following a winter storm.
  • Have dead or weakened limbs removed from trees near your house to prevent them from snapping under the weight of snow and
  • Sweep up the garden bed and compost any annuals that are on their way out.
  • Clean up the area in and around your air conditioner when you close the unit for winter.

2. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

When you fire up the furnace for the first time this year, it can stir up dust and other particles that were sitting in your air ducts all summer, which can trigger allergy symptoms and make your home feel staler.

While not necessary every year, we do recommend having your air ducts cleaned every few years to improve indoor air quality and ensure your furnace operates efficiently.

3. Visit a Fall Fair

It’s heartening to know that kids today are as enthralled as we were by sounds, sights, and bright lights of the fair midway. Visiting a fall fair is a great experience for children who don’t often get a taste of the countryside. Even if you can’t catch a fall fair in October, there’s still a chance to see the amazing Royal Winter Fair at the beginning of November.

4. Get Your Furnace Ready

The forecast calls for a mild winter, but even the gentlest winters in Ontario are still wet, slushy, and cold. It’s always better to book a furnace inspection in the fall rather than to discover a problem after the temperature drops. We use a 25-point furnace inspection checklist to ensure that every piece of the system is working as it should.

5. Go to the Farmer’s Market

In many places, the month of October is your last chance to indulge in freshly-picked produce and freshly-baked goods at the farmer’s market. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by thousands of small, family-owned farms in the Greater Toronto Area, and this is a great way to support what they do. Now’s the time to stock up for the holidays – cranberries and apple pie are both in season!

6. Book a Fireplace Inspection

Looking forward to switching on the gas fireplace this winter? Add a fireplace inspection to your fall schedule. Like the rest of your heating and cooling system, gas fireplaces should be serviced annually to ensure they run as safely as efficiently as possible. A service technician can also clean the fireplace to make it look good as new for the holidays.

7. Take a Winery Tour

If you’ve never taken a trip to Ontario’s wine country, fall is the perfect season to do it. It’s something everyone living in Southern Ontario should do at least once. Prince Edward County and the Niagara Region have some of the finest wineries in Canada, and there are plenty of tours to choose from.

8. Check Your Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is something everyone should do at the onset of each new season, but it’s especially important in the winter. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases in the winter from the use of gas-fired heating systems. Test your alarm and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions (the usual lifetime of a carbon monoxide detector is five to seven years.)

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