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As summer slowly comes to an end, now is a great time for seniors to start thinking about preparing for winter. Taking care of your home before any issues arise is a great way to minimize unexpected damages. Maintenance is important to improve health, safety and possibly your bank account! Here are some tips for seniors to consider while we still have some sun:

  1. Check the furnace. Every home should have good indoor air quality. Inspect your furnace filter and ensure it’s clean for the winter. You may be spending more time indoors so you will want to make sure you and your loved ones are breathing in clean air.
  2. Protect the air conditioner. Your air conditioner should also be cleaned from summer use. Removing any debris may prolong its lifespan and save you time next summer when you’re ready to use it again. After it’s been cleaned, be sure to cover it so that it doesn’t become damaged throughout the winter.
  3. Get your ducts in a row. Duct cleaning is also linked to good air quality. When dust collects inside ducts, it can affect your furnace’s performance. Dusty ducts will fill up the furnace’s filter and the dirty cycle begins. You may also find some lost treasures you’ve been missing in the ducts, or unwanted critters. AtlasCare technicians are experienced and can do this for you.
  4. Check your windows and doors. Cold air can get through any crack or gap. Inspect your windows to ensure there aren’t any obvious issues where winter can make its way into your home. Your furnace will continue to run if the temperature inside the home is not controlled. For both windows and doors, also check that the locks are working. Keeping them locked can keep the cold and other unwanted guests out.

These easy steps can allow for a stress-free winter – even spring. It’s important for anyone to stay on top of home maintenance, but if you’re a senior and need assistance, seek help from a loved one or a professional.

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